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T-shirt bags

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Brand:Flexopak pol
Country of manufacture:Belarus
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Plastic bags such as "T - shirt" is the most popular among consumers when visiting the majority of retail outlets, whether grocery store, supermarket or market. These packages are easy to fold, and do not take up much space, it is convenient to carry, and they are quite strong thanks to the special design of the handles.

The name of packets received is not accidental. Attentive consumers have long found a package similar to the eponymous subject of our wardrobe. Typically, such packages have special side tabs, called folds, which allow, if necessary 1.5 - 2 times increased package volume, making it suitable for moving containers of goods, which are distinguished by a large volume.

such as "T - shirt" packages due to their high strength, durability and versatility, and ease of use have won popularity worldwide.

To the consumer it easier to transport the products of LLC "Fleksopak Pol" it has provided packages of different sizes and different densities. The greater the thickness of the package is, the greater its strength, and therefore, such a package suitable to carry it quite heavy products.

Another plus applications such as "T - shirt" packets from LLC "Fleksopak Pol" is that it can be applied to the company's logo or advertising to attract new customers.

LLC "Fleksopak Pol" at the request of the customer can use the full - color and multi - color printing - up to 6 colors. This will make your company more visible and thus attract more attention of consumers.

Brand:Flexopak pol
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Weight: - g
Color:In assortment
Information is up-to-date: 23.11.2021

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