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Plastic bags with the logo (six-color printing)
Plastic bags with the logo (six-color printing)
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Fleksopak-Pol, OOO

Flexopack-Paul LLC has production and storage facilities with a total area of ​​1400 sq.m, as well as a separate office. In 2013, a new flexographic printing workshop on flexible materials was built with a total area of ​​1176 sq.m.

Flexopack-Pol LLC produces multilayer polyethylene films made by the method of three-layer coextrusion with the addition of linear and bimodal polyethylenes. Such films are available in the form of a sleeve or web. The film thickness varies from 30 to 200 microns, the sleeve width is 1.25 meters (sleeve in a turn of 2.5 m). The bobbin cutting machine will allow you to cut the film into the required formats. The capacity for the production of PE film is 150 tons per month, depending on the size of the film materials.

Flexopack-Paul LLC is equipped with flexographic machines for four-color and full-color printing (Bielloni Tina 2000 (Italy), color 6 colors). The new high-performance, fully automated flexographic printing machine KYMC FX680S (Taiwan) was acquired. The power of the machine allows you to print over 150 tons of film per month, which will increase the output of colored films by 2 times.

Types of products:

1) Three-layer coextruded polyethylene film with a black barrier for the dairy industry, films for packaging frozen foods, films for bags for filling machines;
2) Three-layer coextruded polyethylene film for lamination;
3) Various packages of high and low pressure polyethylene (with loopback and hole-cutting reinforced handle, type “shirt”) with and without a pattern;
4) Bags with a rounded bottom for packing poultry and bakery products with a pattern;
5) Gloves made of low pressure polyethylene;
6) Packaging of any size for food and technical needs;
7) Packing bags;
8) Bags for packaging automobile tires and wheels;
9) Shrink films with full-color printing;
10) Polypropylene films with full-color printing;
11) Full-color flexographic printing on flexible materials;
12) Development of packaging design, taking into account all customer requirements.



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